Posted on April 26, 2015

Yard Gard is a Great Way to Protect Your Yard from Moles

Moles can destroy your yard or garden to a great extent. They are found about two to four feet under the surface of the soil and are very rarely seen. In order to protect your yard from the damage caused by moles, you should know about how to get rid of moles. While you will come across many mole repellants in the market, Yard Gard is a mole repellant that will keep moles from coming out on the surface of your yard and creating havoc. This product creates a barrier between the surface and where the moles live. It is safe to use that protects your yard, pets and family. It is made from organic components, which makes it a natural way to deter moles from surfacing and causing serious damage. The Yard Gard is an effective mole repellant system that gives you long lasting safety from mole attack by allowing the organic ingredients to trickle through the surface of the soil. These ingredients make moles inactive and keep them away from the surface for months.

In addition to moles, your home garden or lawn can also be destroyed by insects. Yard Gard ECOKILL is an environmental friendly spray that is made from natural ingredients. It will help in removing a variety bugs and insects from your garden, but will make sure that pollination bees are not harmed. With this insect repellant, you will be able to protect your garden without deteriorating the quality of soil. offers you both these products and many others to protect your yard or garden from insects and animals.